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Chris Boucher Rumors

Next month, former Oregon big man Chris Boucher hopes to hear his name called in the 2017 NBA draft. Five years ago, that would’ve sounded insane – even to Chris. That’s because Boucher was barely interested in basketball back in 2012. The 6-foot-8 teenager would put up shots with friends sometimes, but the sport wasn’t part of his life. He was focused on getting by, working a minimum-wage job at a restaurant in Montreal after dropping out of high school. “I was not playing basketball,” Boucher told HoopsHype. “I tried out for one of my [school] teams when I was really young and I ended up not liking it. So the only thing I would do is shoot around with my friends, but I had never played any kind of structured basketball before.”
These are the kind of games that intrigue NBA executives because they showcased Boucher’s ability to dominate both ends of the floor even though he’s still very raw given his lack of real experience. How good can Boucher become if he bulks up and is in an NBA development program? “I feel like I have untapped potential,” Boucher said. “When you get in the NBA, you work on your game way more and you’re more free to find out what you’re capable of doing. I feel like that’s definitely going to help me out. I did a lot this year, but I know I can do more. Every day, I’m working on my game and learning new stuff.”