Chris Broussard Rumors

Is there any chance that Kawhi could be traded since he has only one guaranteed year left on his contract before he can opt out: Sam Amick: “Earlier in my NBA writing days, I may have said you’re crazy, but the longer you do this, you realize [anything can happen]. I have a never say never rule of law now. I will say two things: I have no reason to believe that Kawhi is even remotely available, based on intel and conversations. But with your logic, the way you’re painting the picture and analyzing the landscape [with his contract situation], it makes a lot of sense. If you’re the Spurs, there are a lot of layers to what’s going on with them. How long is Gregg Popovich going to coach? I saw video the other day that I thought was good, informative and entertaining by a buddy of mine, Chris Broussard, who’s now over at Fox. Chris did a top-five list of destinations for LeBron James. Granted, he qualified it by saying it’s a combination of intel and insight, but he had San Antonio No. 1 on his list.