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Chris Clemons Rumors

Tell me more about your defensive mentality as the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year and two Big Ten All-Defense appearances. JR: It came from when I was younger. My older brother was bigger, faster and stronger than I was. We would play in the backyard and it would always be a competition. I didn’t want him to beat me, I didn’t want him to score. I had to use my quickness to my advantage. I try to bait people, make them think they have an opportunity that is not there. I have a great reaction time, too. I enjoy playing defense and it’s something I’m passionate about. I can guard one through five. I’ve guarded big men like Ethan Happ and Isaac Haas and Caleb Swanigan. But I’ve guarded point guards including Chris Clemons and Carsen Edwards. I’ve really guarded a variety of positions. As a professional basketball player, I’ll probably guard twos and threes playing on the wing.
Darnell Mayberry: Tuesday’s six-man group: Chris Clemons (Campbell) Daniel Gafford (Arkansas) Jessie Govan (Georgetown) Tyler Hall (Montana State) William McDowell-White (Brose Bamberg) Justin Robinson (Virginia Tech)