Chris Collins Rumors

Doug never set out to coach Chris when his son was growing up. He took him to basketball camps since the age of 2, but never directly coached his boy. “I would never be speaking just to him,” Doug said. “I was speaking to 250 kids.” Even when Chris reached high school, Doug largely stayed out of the way, though they shared a love for the sport, hours melting away as father and son enjoyed watching game after game on TV. “The one thing I always appreciated about my dad was he felt it was very important for him to be my dad, not my coach,” Chris said. “But he always wanted me to be with coaches that he knew would give me the right message.”
Chris Collins, who will enter his 10th season on Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski’s staff, is part of the coaching group overseeing the collegiate players practicing against Iguodala and his U.S. teammates, who just happen to be coached by Krzyzewski. While Collins’ main responsibility is to oversee his team’s defensive play, he can’t help but keep a close eye on someone who will be playing for his dad, Doug, this NBA season. “Oh, my dad has been getting in touch with me every day asking how Andre’s doing,” Collins said. “He’ll either call me, e-mail or text me. That’s the way he is. He is on top of everything and very attentive to detail.” That trait is one of the reasons, if not the main reason, why the Sixers decided to hire Collins as their coach in May after firing Eddie Jordan, who led the team to a 27-55 record in his only season. Though Doug Collins just turned 59, his son doesn’t see that as a red flag. “He is just loaded with energy, and even more so when it comes to basketball,” Chris said. “It was the right time for him to get back into coaching. He has always loved coaching. He and I have such a close relationship and he’s been so helpful to me in my career. His knowledge of the game is incredibly high. His ability to relate to players is terrific, and he can teach the game as well as anyone.”