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Fox believes, however, that any naysayers are ignoring the greatest benefit that comes with such an arrangement: trust. “A lot of the times, at least we feel with agents, it’s an agent doing it for the money, obviously,” he said. “Probably don’t know their client as much as someone else would. We were like, ‘Let’s cut out that person. Let’s have it so that our whole group is people that we know and love and we’ve been around.’ That’s how we grew it. These people know us extremely personally. We know each other on an extremely personal level. For us working together — people say don’t mix family with work and blah blah blah — but for us, since we’re on the same page, we didn’t see a problem with working together. This last year and a half has been much better than the first year and a half that I had someone else doing it.”
A decade ago, Gaston was an AAU coach and basketball junkie, working out kids by the dozens. Today, he is the head of the Family First agency, with one max-contract client on his roster and three players in all (former NBA player Eric Moreland is currently playing in China; Nerlens Noel signed with Gaston in January but has since signed with another agent). Gaston might be unique among his peers. How many agents can say they started training their clients on the basketball court and now represent them in multi-million dollar negotiations?
It’s not uncommon for basketball players’ compression shorts to be visible near their knees. But there was something a little different about De’Aaron Fox’s when he was a rookie out of Kentucky in 2017. Around the knee, his had a little more room than most. Fox’s 19 year-old body still had growing to do, and it made the shorts that are form fitting a little loose around his knees. That’s not the case these days. Fox’s trainer since the eighth grade, Chris Gaston, also became his agent last season. He said he’s watched Fox, 21, go from a “string bean to a grown man.”