Chris McGowan Rumors

Chris Haynes: Trail Blazers President Chris McGowan issues statement to ESPN regarding the team’s tweet that sparked Chandler Parsons-CJ McCollum exchange: “We give our social media staff pretty strict guidelines, so they operate knowing what is appropriate and what isn’t. This one was meant to be light hearted and fun but was probably a little too close to the line we try to keep on mediums like Twitter. It’s a learning lesson for us and we will be more mindful going forward. “Our official account is meant to be fun and positive. It’s not our intention to cause things to turn negative. In this case it did, and that is what we want to avoid going forward.”
Storyline: Parsons-McCollum Beef
The agreement, which will no doubt rankle Blazers fans with satellite television subscriptions, ends months of negotiations and internal organizational debate about the direction the team should take regarding the future of its game broadcasts. Blazers President Chris McGowan and his executive team spent months exploring a wide range of broadcast possibilities with the goal of finding a provider that would deliver games to the widest possible audience.