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ZS: How has your education (JD and MBA) helped helped shape your career? Chris Patrick: It has helped in quite few ways. Most agents aren’t attorneys, and it definitely is not a requirement. The contracts that we sign with NBA teams are boiler-plate, meaning that we just fill in the blanks and everything else is standard. So you really do not need to know how to create a contract. However, being an attorney allows for understanding of the terms in the contract, and most importantly, understanding of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. This is a very complex document which was written by attorneys, so the terms and language can get rather complex to the layperson.
Chris Patrick: The skills learned in law school are also beneficial, not just to being an agent, but to many different aspects in business and negotiations. Research, writing and putting together a “case,” all can help. When I am dealing with NBA teams, being able to articulate my position on my client, and then back it up with research on other players and comparables is very important to help me get the best deal possible for the player. Being an attorney also gave me some credibility early on with parents and coaches, because I was younger than most agents. There is definitely some validity to that.