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While he has shown some improvement, the Maryland native isn’t a finished product. Witnesses have observed that, on occasion, he appears to push his long-range shots from in front of his face. Fultz also looks more fluid off the dribble than while stationary. “When I look at the actual form, there are times, from a posture standpoint, he’s a little bit backward,” Brown said. “When you look at him rising up, or getting the ball in his shot pocket, sometimes his head will go back and he’ll play more in a fade-type fundamental that we want to try to correct.”
Monty Williams: “He was a guy who gave me a shot. Pop invited me to be around, but Brett was the one who said I got him. He could be in my stable and we spent every day together talking about coaching, life, on the court and on the elliptical. So that stuff went a long way with me because he didn’t have to do it and so when I left and went to Portland we stayed in contact. I got a head job and he got a head job and we started competing against each other. We never lost that relationship and then this opportunity came up and it just seemed like not only the right thing to do, but it’s been a good transition for me.”
Simmons attempted just one 3 in the postseason, and he’ll have to establish some sort of long-range jumper to become a serious all-around threat in the NBA. “His jump shot’s not going to define him,” Brown said. “At some point, it will sure help. But I have aspirations, ambitions for him where I want him to feature on an all-defensive team. I personally want to post him more. I look forward to using him as a screener and giving Markelle the ball and let him roll out of it, that Blake Griffin-sort of half-roll and go to dunk.”
15 hours ago via ESPN