Coaching Rumors

LeBron James finally met with Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton during his trip to Las Vegas over the weekend. Based on what we know of the meeting, they seem to be on the same page. Obviously there’s a bit of coachspeak there from Walton, but the message is that James is clearly focused on the right things. LeBron has always respected and worked well with people how know basketball. By all accounts, Walton has a brilliant basketball mind, so the two should get along swimmingly.
“Our experience with Amir last year confirms to us, on so many levels, that he is a perfect fit for our young and developing team,” said Brown. “His work ethic, leadership and buy-in to team-first basketball, all comes to mind when I think of his value to our ball club and his acceptance of a back-up role to All-Star Joel Embiid is priceless. We are thrilled to have Amir and his family back in our program and I know this feeling is a shared by all of his teammates.”