Coaching Rumors

James Posey: In my first year as a coach, aside from the amount of work, one other thing that really surprised me was just hearing how the coaches talk about the players. It made me wonder, “Man, what did my coaches say about me back in the day?!” I think Nash could be a very good coach and there’s no question that this is a great situation for him. He may be able to hit the ground running, like Steve Kerr did with the Warriors. He’ll just have a lot of work to do and the first year may be tougher than he expects.
You said you were numb on Saturday night just thinking about the six straight Finals appearances. Can you explain? Phil Handy: I just pay homage to a lot of people that have coached in the NBA. There’s a lot of coaches that have coached for years and years, and they’re successful coaches. There are good coaches that have never made it to the Finals. And for me to be able to be on this route, I don’t have an answer to it sometimes. I know I work hard. I think that it takes a lot. You obviously have to be involved with some good teams and good players. But sometimes it doesn’t make sense. … Junior college, my own basketball career and starting my business, doing the training for so many years. I could have never fathomed that my career would go this way. But you know, I try to live in the moment, too. … It’s not like I came into this with the mindset of I just want to be any coach. I’ve always wanted to be a successful coach.
How have the Lakers succeeded in the bubble to advance to the NBA Finals from a basketball standpoint and mental standpoint? Phil Handy: Well, one, Frank Vogel has done a helluva job leading the ship as a head coach, and given all of us as coaches the power and authority to coach. To have him put his imprint on this team has been huge. He’s a great communicator. I think he’s one of those guys, man, that really values the input of his players and coaches. He says it all the time that there’s no ego here. Whatever’s best for the team. That part right there is huge. We have some talent. You got LeBron, you got AD [Anthony Davis]. … They’ve been phenomenal. Like the way they play together, the way they feed off of each other, and there’s no animosity. They’ve, in a short amount of time, figured out a way to be successful together and coexist, which is what you need, right? The two best players have to be able to coexist.