Cody Toppert Rumors

Many NBA teams use iMessage for their group chats, according to the players we surveyed, although there are some organizations that use other messaging apps. When players make their own group chats on the side, it’s typically over iMessage or they’ll create a group direct message on Twitter or Instagram. “There are many messaging options; it all comes down to preference,” said Cody Toppert, an assistant coach with the Memphis Tigers who was on the Phoenix Suns’ coaching staff last year. “GroupMe is used by a lot of teams, and I like it because you can see who has or hasn’t read your message. Some teams use WhatsApp (especially overseas teams). There’s also Teamworks, which is a team-focused messaging app. Last year, when I was with the Suns, we tried several of the apps, but our players were having trouble getting our messages for whatever reason, so we went old-school and would just send group texts over iMessage. That ended up being the most successful group-chat option for us. Jamal Crawford still has a BlackBerry, so we couldn’t include him on the group texts and had to send everything to him in a separate text, which I thought was hilarious (laughs).”
On this episode of The HoopsHype Podcast, Alex Kennedy is joined by former Phoenix Suns assistant coach Cody Toppert. He discusses his first season coaching in the NBA, how the G League prepared him, his one-on-one work with the Suns’ young core, his advice for up-and-coming coaches and more. Time-stamps are below! 0:25: This season was Toppert’s first as an NBA coach. He talks about getting that job with the Suns and how coaching in the NBA differs from coaching in the G League (where he got his start).
“The way that the league has progressed since I played in it during the 2005-06 season is incredible,” Northern Arizona Suns head coach Cody Toppert said. “Back then, there were A contracts, B contracts and C contracts. I was on a C contract, so I made $12,000 for the whole season. That was definitely an adventure. My friends at Cornell would joke with me all the time because when you’re at an Ivy League school, people make a big deal about your starting salary. My friends would say, ‘You must have the worst starting salary of any Ivy League graduate ever! Jeez, you’d make more working at McDonald’s!’ They eventually got rid of the C-level contracts because that was cruel and unusual punishment to some degree (laughs). Also, back then, you didn’t get paid if you were an inactive player. That was really tough because you would be giving everything you had to the team and then not get paid just because you were inactive. They fixed that, which is great.