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Craig Kispert, Corey’s father, was a basketball player and his mother, Deri, a volleyball player. They saw something special in Corey at a young age. No matter what sport they put him in, he excelled so quickly that choosing which to focus on full time was not a simple decision. “[I knew] when he started beating me in 1-on-1 at about seven years old,” Craig Kispert told NBC Sports Washington. “He’s just always been able to do things that other kids his age just can’t,” Deri Kispert said. “He’s one of those kids that can just see it and do it.”
Corey Kispert was in elementary school when his parents realized his athletic ceiling was high. Perhaps he could get a scholarship or even play professionally. But whether it would be in basketball or football, they weren’t sure and didn’t want to pressure Corey in any one direction. He was also a standout in baseball, golf and track and field. “When he was younger, whatever sport was in season was his favorite. He was kind of naturally drawn to and seemed like he was at his happiest when he was sweaty. So, clearly we wanted to keep him active,” Craig Kispert said.
“Once he started to grow and once I saw his jump shot at a young age, it was like ‘okay’ and then, when he started playing with his brother, who is two years older, it was like ‘okay, he could be pretty good, I guess,'” Craig Kispert said. “He had a lot of success in all the different athletic endeavors and then probably about junior high he kind of decided basketball was the one he wanted to kind of focus on most.”