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Coronavirus Rumors

The NBA informed teams Monday that players still need to have either received a primary course of a COVID-19 vaccine or been given a medical clearance from getting one in order to play games in Canada, according to a league memo obtained by ESPN. The memo also states that, should players be ineligible to play in games in Canada, teams must list them as, “Out – Health and Safety Protocols,” and that they will lose their pay for any games missed due to not being vaccinated.
This season, the Raptors will play at least 44 games in Canada: preseason games in Edmonton against the Utah Jazz; Montreal against the Boston Celtics; and Toronto against the Chicago Bulls; plus their typical 41 regular-season home games at Scotiabank Arena and any additional playoff games. The same rules apply both to going to Canada to play in a game, as well as for entering the United States. Anyone playing for the Raptors, therefore, would have to be vaccinated in order to play in any game this season. Last season, the Raptors were fully vaccinated.
I think a lot of it’s the same. I think Tim and I talked a lot of basketball, and we knew that we need to improve defensively and try to get more versatile. Find that guy that can shoot and guard in the starting lineup that didn’t necessarily need the ball. I think — with COVID the last couple of years and injuries and everything — we ended up with a little bit smaller team than we probably envisioned a few years ago. So, we tried to get bigger on the perimeter and stuff. That was a goal this summer.