Craig Barry Rumors

Inside the NBA’s talent has plenty of fun and everyone is careful to not tamper with the chemistry. None of the panelists outside of Johnson attend production meetings, a decision everyone acknowledges is vital to the organic dialogue of the show. “We don’t want them at the production meetings,” Johnson says. “We don’t want them there because as long as the producer and I know what we’ve got, that’s all we need.” “Philosophically, the best TV comes from great chemistry,” says Barry. “It doesn’t happen for every show. Sometimes you have to search for it, and even then you don’t always find it. But when you do find it, you can’t deny it. For these guys specifically, they feel like guys that you would want to sit down and have a conversation with, and feel like you can. They’re approachable.”
And then there’s Barkley, the show’s lightning rod. The Hall of Famer and former league MVP is famous (and infamous) for speaking his mind, no matter the subject or the consequences. “When Charles got here, he changed our show dramatically,” Johnson says. “Kenny and I were having a good time and it was a little off the wall, but he changed the show dramatically and he changed the landscape for every show.” “Everybody felt like, ‘We have to bring someone in to be our Charles Barkley.’ But it doesn’t work that way. Charles had that equity built in, of all those years as a player being the most quotable guy in the league. He almost had that diplomatic immunity. He’ll say something outrageous and people will just say, ‘Oh, that’s Chuck being Chuck.’ Other guys try to say it, and suddenly find themselves looking for other work.”