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Cristiano Ronaldo Rumors

Kylian Mbappé, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar all earn higher playing salaries than any NBA star, but soccer can’t match the depth of big contracts in basketball. Those four are the only soccer players expected to make $30 million in base salary this season (bonuses will also push Erling Haaland over that mark). In the NBA, more than 40 players will earn at least $30 million this season. Off-court earnings estimates were compiled through conversations with those familiar with NBA endorsement deals. Also included are royalties from sneaker deals, as well as earnings from memorabilia, appearances, media and businesses tied to their celebrity. We exclude investment income unless it is connected to an endorsement agreement. The figures are all before taxes and any agent fees.

Vasilije Micic staying in Europe?

Ergin Ataman: “Like Messi’s transfer to France, like Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer to different teams. We are doing everything we can to prevent this from happening. Our relations with Larkin as a club are very good. I think he likes the club and Istanbul very much, but ultimately the decision will be made by the player himself. As for Vasilije Micic’s situation, I think his contract has an NBA exit until July 20. Micic can’t play for any other club in Europe for 3 years, we signed the contract last season. He might consider it if he gets a big offer from the NBA. I think Micic enjoyed playing in Europe. The time will tell. Frankly, I think Micic will continue with us. I think he will be with us next season as well. There is not much we can do about it. I mean, he has a very good contract, but if there is a big offer from the NBA, we will try to fill his place. We want to continue with both players.”
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Luka Doncic: I tried to convince Nikola Jokic to create an Instagram account but he said 'no chance'

JJ Redick: We had a very brief conversation when when we were teammates about European or overseas superstars versus American superstars. And I thought it was really interesting. And one of the, like the takeaways was the European superstars, a lot of them and we can talk about Giannis Antetokounmpo, you, Nikola Jokic for instance, it seems like they’re a little more low maintenance than some other ones. And we can point to American superstars like Stephen Curry who are very low maintenance. But culturally, why do you think that is? Luka Doncic: I don’t know. Are you talking only about basketball players? Because you know, there are European superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo… Redick: I was mostly speaking about basketball. Doncic: I mean, Jokic doesn’t have Instagram or nothing. He’s just a different guy. He loves his horses. I tried to convince him to create an Instagram account but he said, ‘No, no chance, no chance’. I don’t know the answer to that question. But now, with all these Instagrams, Twitters, TikToks, you can make a lot of money. And with the sponsorships, they want you to post things, it’s just a different world than what it was.
According to Liverpool Echo journalist Matt Addison, the said idea will definitely do all parties involved good and a project should be done sooner rather than later. Based on Addison’s assessment, through adverts starring Salah and James, it will just be a matter of time before Liverpool can “catch up in revenues” with its London rivals Manchester United, who has Cristiano Ronaldo on its squad. “There’s almost a bit of me that wonders if Liverpool have got enough out of him [Salah] commercially, marketability wise in all sorts of countries,” Addison said on the podcast. “We talk so often about the Nike kit deal, one of the areas in which Liverpool can help them catch up in revenues with Manchester United. They could’ve made even more of Salah given the status he rightly holds.”
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