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According to Liverpool Echo journalist Matt Addison, the said idea will definitely do all parties involved good and a project should be done sooner rather than later. Based on Addison’s assessment, through adverts starring Salah and James, it will just be a matter of time before Liverpool can “catch up in revenues” with its London rivals Manchester United, who has Cristiano Ronaldo on its squad. “There’s almost a bit of me that wonders if Liverpool have got enough out of him [Salah] commercially, marketability wise in all sorts of countries,” Addison said on the podcast. “We talk so often about the Nike kit deal, one of the areas in which Liverpool can help them catch up in revenues with Manchester United. They could’ve made even more of Salah given the status he rightly holds.”
Storyline: LeBron James Business

LeBron James the top-earning player for seventh straight year

LeBron James is the NBA’s top-earning player for the seventh straight year, including off-court income (2016-17 was the only season of his career James had the highest playing salary). He’s expected to earn $95.4 million, including an estimated $64 million from endorsements, memorabilia and media. It is a record haul for an NBA player and the highest ever in American team sports. The historic year will push his career earnings to $1 billion, including $700 million off the court. He joins Tiger Woods, Floyd Mayweather, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in reaching the three-comma club while still an active athlete.
Q: Why did you choose basketball in your beginnings and have you played any other type of sports beside it? Abdel Nader: As a young kid in Egypt I loved soccer, that was my favorite sport and even now I love watching Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah, those are my two favourite players. What got me into basketball was me trying to make friends and find a connection to people in Chicago. It was a blessing for me to have something that I love, made me connecting with people and later build a career on it.
So, what happened? Brown ended up picking a Brazilian restaurant in Berkeley and showed up wearing a Cristiano Ronaldo jersey. And from there, Spears got a chance to learn just how interesting of a person Brown is. He was telling me about how he wanted to use his platform to do big things and how he wasn’t coming into the NBA with an agent but he had a group of people who he trusted from different realms: business, sports, entertainment, education that he used as sounding boards for some of the things he wanted to do. And he was teaching himself Spanish and how to play the guitar. And I’m like, ‘Who is this kid I’m talking to?’ He had some great workouts and now you know who he is. But like, people say, ‘If you could go to dinner with somebody and have an interesting dinner, who would you pick?’ If you’re in Boston, try to go to dinner with Jaylen Brown. You’re definitely going to have an interesting time and he sees things much differently than what’s inside the arena.
Ben Golliver: Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo, asked to pick between Real Madrid & FC Barcelona: “I love both of these players, Messi or Ronaldo, that used to play in Real, but I’ll probably go with Real. There you go, Real.”