Czech Republic Rumors

Vesely was home in the Czech Republic waiting for the NBA to settle its collective bargaining agreement before he was granted permission to receive a work visa. But according to a sources with knowledge of the situation, the State Department plans to work under the assumption that the new NBA deal will be ratified and his contract with the Wizards is valid to allow him to come to Washington. Vesely is expected to arrive on Wednesday, while his paperwork is completed, but a league source said he is “good to go.”
Jan Vesely will remain in the Czech Republic for another week, possibly until at least the day before Wizards training camp is set to begin, while he waits for the NBA lockout to get lifted in order to acquire a work visa. Owners and players may have reached a tentative settlement on their antitrust lawsuit that will allow training camps to begin on Dec. 9. But Alexander Raskovic, one of Vesely’s representatives, wrote in an e-mail on Tuesday that his client needs several documents — including a copy of the new agreement and his contract with the Wizards — before the United States Embassy in Prague will grant him permission to work in America.
Vesely said on the night of the draft that he hoped to make basketball more popular in the Czech Republic, which has produced two other NBA players in Jiri Welsch and George Zidek. But Vesely elected not to play for his national team as it played a series of exhibitions this summer. The Czech Republic did not qualify for the European championships, which will be held in Lithuania from Aug. 31 to Sept. 18. “He did not play for the national team by his mutual agreement with the national team’s coach,” Raskovic wrote. “There was no important games so they did not need him to be in the national team.”