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Darren Erman Rumors

“I’ll tell you this,” he began through a smile, “if I see the Celtics general manager talking to him, I’m going to file tampering charges.” Ainge laughed as he walked by and replied, “I don’t talk to anyone.” And just as he was about to duck in the side door to the Celts training room, Gentry piped in again. “Hey Danny, will you take back Erm?” he said, referring to Pelicans (and former Celtics) assistant coach Darren Erman, who now goes by the highfalutin title of associate head coach. Looking back down the hallway at Celt’ assistant GM Mike Zarren, Ainge said, “I’ll trade you Zarren for him.”
The Advocate: Is there a way to play Mirotic, Randle and Davis on the floor together unless there’s a particularly unorthodox matchup on the other side? Darren Erman: I’d say we can. Niko guarded Kevin Durant and did a good job, so it’s definitely feasible. Niko is really smart and slides his feet well. He did a great job defensively last year. He switches a lot as well, so he’s guarding quicker guys sometimes. But it’s hard for those guys, not so much on the perimeter, but when it’s smaller guys running around screens.
Rondo met with the Pelicans on Thursday and again Saturday in Atlanta before committing to a contract with New Orleans, league sources told The Vertical. Rondo, a four-time NBA All-Star, has met with Pelicans general manager Dell Demps and head coach Alvin Gentry and has strong relationships with star center DeMarcus Cousins and assistant coach Darren Erman.