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Darren Erman Rumors

Gentry said he is still looking to fill the one remaining spot on his staff. But Gentry retained Kevin Hanson and Fred Vinson, who both were assistants on former Pelicans Monty Williams’ staff. Hanson will continue working with Davis, while Vinson is expected to remain as a shooting coach to help players like swingman Tyreke Evans. Gentry hired Darren Erman as his lead assistant and New Orleans native Robert Pack earlier this month
“I wasn’t going to put any pressure on Brad, because Brad didn’t really know Erm,” he said. “I was doing it until we found something. It took about two or three weeks when Brad gobbled him up. But we have a full staff, and we’re not in a rush to add anyone. “He was part of our defensive staff. Brad, Micah (Shrewsberry) and Erm are our three defensive coaches. Micah was doing it all before, and Erm brought in a new taste and opinion. We may just replace him from within now. It’s not that we have to replace him. There’s only so much air in the room.”
The Celtics, already at full capacity with Brad Stevens’ on-bench staff, simply couldn’t offer Erman a bench position. That doesn’t mean his unique talent wasn’t valued. “We had a full staff before he showed up,” said Ainge. “I had enough faith in him that I brought him in (last summer) not knowing how we were going to use him. I was going to use him on my staff, or Brad could use him on his staff.