Daryl Morey Rumors

Looking for someone to add below Brand isn’t surprising to league sources, who always questioned ownership’s seriousness in regard to giving up its control to a team president. However, it will be interesting to see if the Sixers make a run at Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey for that job. League sources think he could soon be in the market for another job, even though Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta said Morey’s job is safe following the team’s second-round playoff elimination.
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James Harden has been heavily criticized throughout his career for his playoff underperformance, but he’s also a consistent MVP candidate who is solely responsible for the team being in position to contend every year. Would the Rockets actually consider moving on from Harden? “I wouldn’t put it past [Daryl Morey] to consider moving James Harden,” NBC Sports NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh told NBC Sports Bay Area. “Do I think it is going to happen? I would not bet on it.” “Daryl Morey is as transactional as any GM we have seen in the NBA,” Haberstroh continued, “so I think this team that you see right now for Houston, is probably not going to be the team next season.”
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The team packed the next morning before the afternoon flight that would take them back to Houston. All morning, D’Antoni was expecting a call from Fertitta, but sources say it never came. Before getting onto the plane, sources say D’Antoni’s mind was made up that he wouldn’t be seeking another contract with the Rockets — short or long-term —and would prefer to test the open market. D’Antoni then called LeGarie, sources said, and let him know of his wishes. D’Antoni told LeGarie to deliver the message while the team plane was in the air, sources said. During the plane ride back to Houston, no one on the team knew D’Antoni’s mind had already been made up. Shortly before the plane landed in Houston, just before service began to return to everyone’s phones and the text/social media notifications would start to ding with the news, D’Antoni told Morey, his staff and the players about his decision. D’Antoni wanted to speak with Morey first and foremost, as the two had maintained a strong relationship. Morey was upset, sources say, but understood and respected D’Antoni’s decision. A relieved D’Antoni stood up, shook hands and hugged each member of the team that was on the plane.
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