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Dave Bing Rumors

“The era that I played in was you didn’t have the social media, you didn’t have TV as much involved,” Dave Bing, 61, told MLive. “We probably played on TV once a month. If you didn’t have a really great team, I mean the teams that were on TV, most of the time were either the New York Knicks or the (Los Angeles) Lakers or Boston (Celtics), because they were dominant franchises.”
Now, Troy Weaver sits in a similar position that Edwin Coil did when he and the team drafted Bing. The seven-time NBA All-Star knows members of Weaver’s family and pointed out that athletes from the D.C. area make it a point to follow and support each other’s careers on and off the court. “When Troy got the job here I was elated,” Bing said. “We had met before but I knew his uncles, out of D.C. and I know that he’s going to be successful here as the general manager.”
To support doctors, nurses and others who are on the frontlines fighting the coronavirus pandemic, the Detroit Pistons united former and current players together to sing a rendition of a famous Ben E. King song. The Pistons released a video on Wednesday of the former guards — Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Chauncey Billups, Rip Hamilton and Dave Bing — along with current guard Derrick Rose singing “Stand By Me” with the Detroit Youth Choir. The video featured each singer performing remotely, in accordance with Michigan’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” guideline.

He is just the 15th SU basketball player — the 10th in the Jim Boeheim Era — to earn such recognition. Joining the likes of Dave Bing, Kendall’s Roosevelt Bouie, Louis Orr, Pearl Washington, Carmelo Anthony, Lawrence Moten and his boyhood heroes, Derrick Coleman and Billy Owens.
“The (retired) players association saved my life,” he says. He was there when legends Oscar Robertson, Dave Bing, Dave Cowens and others fought to get retired players benefits. He will be forever grateful to the current leadership of the union, which includes Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, for setting aside the funds to make sure every retired player with a minimum of three years of service can be screened.
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Bing, who starred for the Pistons from 1966-75 and served as Detroit’s mayor from 2009-13, touched on a variety of topics. “The players were glued in,” Pistons coach Dwane Casey said. “He did a fantastic job of talking about teamwork, professionalism, of where he sees our team. He knew our team inside and out. He knows the game. He talked about the difference between today’s NBA and the past NBA.”