Dave Chappelle Rumors

Dave Chappelle is not holding back in defense of his friend LeBron James while calling out Fox News host Laura Ingraham. In his new 27-minute Netflix special, “8:46” — named for the amount of time a Minneapolis police officer held his knee to George Floyd’s neck before Floyd died by asphyxiation — Chappelle uses a choice four-letter word for Ingraham while responding to her infamous “Shut up and dribble” comments.
“Let me tell you something about LeBron, this [guy] was on the cover of Sports Illustrated when he was 17 years old and exceeded every expectation that they had for him,” Chappelle said “…This is a good guy, LeBron. He didn’t let anyone down.” He added: “LeBron James once said something about racism, and Laura Ingraham…told one of Ohio’s greatest residents, ‘Shut up and dribble.’ “My friend is the best at something and this b—- is not the best at anything. She’s just a regular-ass white b—- with a platform.”
LeBron James: Man I’ve loved these 2 forever man and they don’t even know it! From wanting to be The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air growing up in Akron Ohio to crying laughing that same night at Half Baked to wishing I could help saved the world like Independence Day to being on a stage captivating people minds and tapping into their funny bones like The Chapelle Show. I’ve always wanted in some way shape or form make y’all proud of what I could bring to the table. So with that said THANKS for just being DOPE/TRUE and Inspiring a kid from Akron to do the same🙏🏾!! #SuperHeroes #KingTalk👑

The Warriors beat the Clippers Monday, 104-97, and afterward, a backpack-wearing Dave Chappelle – guns blazing! – popped into the locker room to hang out. Here he is chatting with Stephen Curry. Midway through the video you’ll hear a player off camera doing a Chappelle impression. That’s Nate Robinson. He’s funny. Also, lil’ Nate was wearing the interesting ensemble of a jean jacket and Beavis & Butthead T-shirt. [vid via Inside the Warriors]