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Dave Chappelle Rumors

Alex Kennedy: These celebrities are expected to attend Game 6 of the NBA Finals tonight: – Dave Chappelle – Chance The Rapper – Kanye West – Chris Tucker – Gucci Mane – Julius “Dr. J” Erving – Marques Johnson – Michael Redd   – Brandon Jennings – Aaron Jones – Donald Driver – Antonio Freeman
Jeff Zillgitt: Celebs expected in attendance for Game 4 of Suns-Bucks NBA Finals: Chance The Rapper Chris Tucker Craig Counsell Dave Chappelle Donald Driver John Calipari Junior Bridgeman Marques Johnson Michael Redd Sheryl Crow (If the NBA makes you happy …) Za’Darius Smith
NBA championship teams haven’t gone to the White House since Trump became the president and James is very excited to do the traditional trip to the White House with the Lakers. LeBron is also super stoked to see the legendary comedian Dave Chappelle on Saturday Night Live later on. James has put in a lot of work with his massive platform in trying to get people to vote Donald Trump out of office. He created a non-profit ‘More Than A Vote’ to help combat voter suppression and help drive voter turnout in cities like Detroit, Milwaukee, and Atlanta.
Dave Chappelle is not holding back in defense of his friend LeBron James while calling out Fox News host Laura Ingraham. In his new 27-minute Netflix special, “8:46” — named for the amount of time a Minneapolis police officer held his knee to George Floyd’s neck before Floyd died by asphyxiation — Chappelle uses a choice four-letter word for Ingraham while responding to her infamous “Shut up and dribble” comments.
“Let me tell you something about LeBron, this [guy] was on the cover of Sports Illustrated when he was 17 years old and exceeded every expectation that they had for him,” Chappelle said “…This is a good guy, LeBron. He didn’t let anyone down.” He added: “LeBron James once said something about racism, and Laura Ingraham…told one of Ohio’s greatest residents, ‘Shut up and dribble.’ “My friend is the best at something and this b—- is not the best at anything. She’s just a regular-ass white b—- with a platform.”
LeBron James: Man I’ve loved these 2 forever man and they don’t even know it! From wanting to be The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air growing up in Akron Ohio to crying laughing that same night at Half Baked to wishing I could help saved the world like Independence Day to being on a stage captivating people minds and tapping into their funny bones like The Chapelle Show. I’ve always wanted in some way shape or form make y’all proud of what I could bring to the table. So with that said THANKS for just being DOPE/TRUE and Inspiring a kid from Akron to do the same🙏🏾!! #SuperHeroes #KingTalk👑

The Warriors beat the Clippers Monday, 104-97, and afterward, a backpack-wearing Dave Chappelle – guns blazing! – popped into the locker room to hang out. Here he is chatting with Stephen Curry. Midway through the video you’ll hear a player off camera doing a Chappelle impression. That’s Nate Robinson. He’s funny. Also, lil’ Nate was wearing the interesting ensemble of a jean jacket and Beavis & Butthead T-shirt. [vid via Inside the Warriors]