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Dave Cowens Rumors

But it was his maniacal mentality that defined his game. For all the strategic chicanery that shaped his matchups, it was his endless motor and blood thirst that defined his career. Ryan would say that Cowens “made more unmakeable plays than anybody.” Everything from blocking shots that can’t be blocked to chasing down the loose balls that can’t be chased. “Classic Dave, in an exhibition game in the 1974-75 season in Asheville, North Carolina, he’s playing against the Carolina Cougars, and Ollie Taylor stole the ball,” Ryan recounted. “Dave chases him down, blocks his shot, falls into the basket support and breaks his foot. Missed the first 17 games of the season making a play in an exhibition game, because he didn’t play any other way.”
The National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA) announced today the reelection and naming of officers Johnny Davis (Chairman), Dave Cowens (Vice Chairman), Sam Perkins (Treasurer), and Grant Hill (Secretary) to its Board of Directors for 2021. They join Board of Directors members Thurl Bailey, Caron Butler, Shawn Marion, Dave Naves, Sheryl Swoopes and Jerome Williams. Dave Cowens has also been elevated from Director to the position of Vice Chairman. “The retention of these members on our Board of Directors provides us with an amazing opportunity to leverage the experience and continuity in our leadership,” said President and CEO NBRPA Scott Rochelle. “These officers, will no doubt, continue to represent the various viewpoints from across our membership, set an example of strong leadership, and provide the highest professional standards to best serve our members.”
But Havlicek dislocated his right shoulder in the Eastern Conference Finals after running into a Dave DeBusschere pick, tried to come back playing left-handed against a Knicks defense that gladly forced him right, and New York went on to its second NBA title in four years. Nothing about that wet blanket ending diminishes Cowens’ affection. “1973 was the epitome of my whole career, even more-so than winning a championship,” he said. “That was the greatest time I ever had, playing basketball that year. It was a great team, we got along and we kicked a lot of ass.”
Right now, in the face of a crippling global pandemic, its members also represent an increasingly vulnerable and shaken segment of society that needs all the security, support, and accurate information they can find. The average member is 55 years old and over 200 of them are at least 70. All are impacted by the coronavirus, stressed over their own future, from a physical, emotional, and financial perspective. In addition to Bailey — who previously served before he was termed out of the role due to appointment related rules — other recently elected directors include Shawn Marion, Sheryl Swoopes, and Dave Cowens. (Cowens helped found the association in 1992 with Oscar Robertson, Dave Bing, Archie Clark, and Dave DeBusschere.) Johnny Davis was named chairman of the board after spending 34 seasons as an NBA player and coach, while Jerome Williams and Grant Hill were elevated into different roles on the executive committee.