Dave Pendergraft Rumors

Dave Pendergraft On if Sergiy Gladyr will join the summer league team: “We don’t know yet. Pape Sy will. We will play him at a different position in the past. We experimented with moving him to the point but the learning curve wasn’t fair for him and his natural position is probably a two. We are going to bring him over and he will be involved with us this summer. Sergei, we don’t know. We are going back and forth with his agent. He has made strides in the ACB. But is he ready? We are not looking for future prospects in our summer program this year. In the past we said, ‘Let’s just bring him in and watch him for 10 days and maybe down the road there will be a future.’ Well, there is some urgency in our summer league this year because of the roster spots. That being said, Sergei may be two or three years down the road and maybe next summer will be the best opportunity for him.”
Hawks general manager Rick Sund gives much of the responsibility for the NBA draft to assistant GM Dave Pendergraft and director of basketball operations Mike McNieve. Some excerpts from Pendergraft’s chat with reporters: On having lots of open roster spots: “That’s what I tell the [draft-eligible] players. Come July 1 we will have only six guys under contract. In a perfect world our 23rd pick becomes a rotational player and our 43rd pick will be talented enough to join our roster. That’s the best-case scenario. We feel like we will be able to get a good player at both positions.”
On chances of getting rotational-quality player with 23rd pick: “That’s our hope. At 23 there are some guys that have potential and you have to wait on it and then there are several guys that might not have as much potential but you can put them in the game the first two or three years, whether it is four-year players or physically they are more mature. It’s just going to depend on who’s there. We would like to get a player that can come in and play for us next year.”
Jorge Sierra at HoopsHype.com reports the Hawks are close to signing free agent center Etan Thomas. Hawks assistant general manager Dave Pendergraft confirmed the team had Thomas in for a workout but said Thomas is one of a handful of free agents the Hawks are considering. “He’s on a very, very short list,” Pendergraft said. “We were pleased with the workout.”
The Nuggets considered Griffin, Ujiri, Atlanta assistant general manager Dave Pendergraft and former Sacramento assistant general manager Jason Levien for the position. Griffin has close ties to Nuggets advisor Bret Bearup, the last of three influential personnel voices to remain after executives Mark Warkentien and Rex Chapman were let go earlier this month. Ujiri, meanwhile, is well-respected by both owner Stan Kroenke and his Nuggets executive son. Josh Kroenke, the 30-year-old vice president of team development, is widely assumed to be in line to one day take over for his father as owner and has seen his role increase of late.