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David Adelman Rumors

Michael Singer: Michael Malone, on @AltitudeSR: “I hope I don’t have the same staff next year. Wes Unseld Jr. should be a head coach.” “He shouldn’t be back. He’s more than ready to be a head coach.” Also cites David Adelman and Jordi Fernandez as future head coaches on his staff.
Nearly seven months after his death, that tight circle who got to see R.J.’s wry grin, got to hear him sneak a zinger out of the side of his mouth, got to sit and talk ball or politics or music are still reeling from the loss of the person they would always turn to in times of trial, the quiet one who always knew just what to say or just what to write to boost their spirits. “In a weird way I don’t think I have processed it,” said David Adelman, R.J.’s younger brother and an assistant coach with the Denver Nuggets. “For all of us in our family, it’s just a hole. It’s a feel-it-everyday kind of thing. A part of you that you were a part of. That’s what I felt right away and that’s what I feel now. Just a loss of yourself a little bit.”
Storyline: RJ Adelman Death
R.J. had dealt with some alcohol issues, but David Adelman says police told the family there was no alcohol in his system at the time of the accident. The woman was not charged in what appears to be a freak accident. “I think we’re all still broken up,” Kathy said. “Still, at times, I’m about to call him. I’ll be doing something and say, ‘I should call R.J.’ And then it will hit me that I can’t call him. It’s an ongoing process. I don’t think we’ve figured it out.” “I loved R.J. I love their family,” Spoelstra said. “Your mind can’t accept when a good man goes too early.”