David Axelrod Rumors

But if you don’t recognize the president’s man in his usual spot at center court on the north side of the United Center at the end of this month it may because he doesn’t recognize himself, either. That’s because the Bulls’ No. 1 fan may be without his close friend of more than 40 years, his mustache. And if he is without it, as frightening it may be to family, friends and even himself, Axelrod will be thrilled because it means he’s raised $1 million toward epilepsy cure research. They already are more than halfway there. “It could be a shock to all involved,” Axelrod laughed. “I may have to wear a blindfold as it comes off. It’s something that started off as a lark to make a point in the middle of the campaign that has turned into an opportunity to do some good for a lot of people.”
Axelrod now heads to his role as director of the new University of Chicago Institute of Politics, will write a book and do speeches. “And I’ll still be available to the president,” said Axelrod. “He’s not just an old client, but a friend of the last 20 years who will be a friend for life. If he calls me, I’ll always answer.” Though if Axelrod is such a good strategist—and the record says he’s the best—then maybe he can devise something for the Bulls. “There’s going to be good nights and bad nights, but not because they don’t show up,” Axelrod agrees. “For example, (Joakim) Noah looks in great shape, better than any time since he’s been a Bull. His play is reflecting that. So some good things are happening. But every team needs a superstar, and we need ours. We’re all waiting and watching his progress and until then I feel we can be competitive.”