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The 6’9″ Sullinger still has the same agent he had years ago, David Falk, and is committed to going any route he has to take in his pathway back to the NBA, such as playing in the G-League, and as of today, he says he feels “amazing,” and this is the best he has ever felt health-wise. “I’m just looking for somebody to give me an opportunity,” Sullinger said. “If I get the opportunity, I promise I will seize the moment at that moment.”
Falk claimed that Jordan would easily average 60 points on 75 percent shooting in today’s free-flowing (not to mention hand-checking) era. Perk, who was obviously not buying it, appeared on the latest episode of ESPN’s The Jump and went on a lengthy tirade. “That’s BS. You know, the bad part about it was that he was dead serious,” the one-time NBA champion said. “Look, David Falk might be sitting back sipping too much of that moonshine because to say that Michael Jordan would average 60 points on 75 percent shooting, that is absurd! I wouldn’t even do that when I be going to the LA fitness. I’ll be going getting buckets. “But to say so–to disrespect this generation like that–it’s just disturbing to me. And he’s out of like [saying] Jordan with an average 60 points and 75 percent shooting, that’s just crazy!”
Storyline: GOAT Debate
The best college prospect in 1985 wanted to go to the Warriors. The former Georgetown star was huddled with his college coach John Thompson and his agent David Falk for the 1985 NBA Draft lottery, and he was hoping for a specific outcome. “We were all there, watching and waiting and anticipating, you know, hoping that …” Ewing told SiriusXM NBA Radio’s Frank Isola. “First I wanted to go to Golden State because Eric Floyd played there and he was a teammate of mine at Georgetown. And the next one was the Knicks. Once Golden State didn’t win, I definitely wanted to go to the Knicks.”
Nike’s revolutionary entrance into the world of basketball came as a splash, but its popularity was greatly aided by the NBA, although unintentionally. David Falk, the longtime agent of Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan, recalled how the league banned the Air Jordan 1 shoe that is now infamously known as “The Banned” edition due to its bold black and red colors: “So they make the first shoe, the black and red one. Michael wears it to practice and the league immediately bans the shoes,” said Falk as a guest on The Business of Sports podcast. “They ban it, they say it doesn’t conform with the team’s uniform colors. And (Rob) Strasser calls me up in a panic and he says, ‘Goddammit. We just paid him all this money, he can’t even freakin’ wear the shoe.’”