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David Fizdale Rumors

Now Fizdale, 47, works under the glint of a neat row of trophies surveying the Lakers’ El Segundo facility. He has shared a few championship parades with Riley himself. When a reporter told him of Johnson’s approving tweet of his hire last month (Fizdale himself is not on Twitter), he did a double-take. “Did he for real? You better stop that,” he said with wide eyes behind his thick, black glasses. “You’re gonna give me goosebumps.”
On a recent day, the trio was admiring the spoils of the Lakers’ 17 championships and retired jerseys on the walls around them. They swore to each other not to cheat their hometown of their best efforts. “It all makes this make sense now,” Fizdale told Southern California News Group. “All of the stuff I was doing all of the time on the playground, I was working on my baby hook over the Celtics, it was this. It all led to this.”
There was much speculation in coaching circles over whether Pelinka, who is known to value flexibility and leverage in all dealings, would indeed extend Vogel’s contract. But the broadly held consensus was that no one could coach a LeBron-led team as a lame duck. The chatter wasn’t exactly dampened by the addition to L.A.’s staff of David Fizdale, who had developed a close relationship in Miami with James, nor by the arrival of accomplished veterans, fading superstars and the egos that accompany them.
Storyline: Frank Vogel Hot Seat?

Along with James, Fizdale also coached dynamic big man Chris Bosh in Miami. On ESPN’s “The Jump”, Bosh explained what Fizdale will bring to the Lakers: “He’s gonna bring, of course, that coach who loves to get into film, knows a lot about the game. He brings a presence that’s great for a locker room as well because he loves nothing more than basketball. And him being an L.A. guy, coming back home to be able to coach for the Lakers, I mean that’s a dream come true, for sure. And he’s filling a void left by Jason Kidd, him moving onto a head coaching spot, I’m sure that they will need another presence to fill in that bench. And I think for Fizdale, he’s one of the best guys out there as you guys know. We talk all the time, and he’s ready, he’s eager, he’s excited. And I know he’s gonna do a fantastic job with Vogel’s staff out there in L.A.”