David Fizdale Rumors

Those who have known Nash since his Santa Clara days are convinced he’s the guy who can get the most out of both, coaching experience be damned. “When it happened, I actually thought, ‘That’s a great hire,’” said David Fizdale, former NBA coach who played against Nash all four years in college at San Diego, another school in the West Coast Conference. “I didn’t think about anything else because he would be great with those guys. He worked with Kevin Durant; he already had a relationship built there. And if I’m Kyrie Irving, I want to talk to that guy every day. That’s the guy I can have a conversation with. I’m speaking to a guy that understands the level of how I see the game and how I play the game. How many guys can sit across from Kyrie Irving and say, ‘I see that game in the way that you see it?’”
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“I think the Knicks have to be open to a lot of different things,’’ Fizdale said. “Would he be a great fit for them? Absolutely. I think he would fit those kids — Mitchell Robinson going to the rim, they get more spacing, more shooting. Absolutely, he would fit. The big stage. He doesn’t get sick [with COVID-19].” Nevertheless, Fizdale added: “For him, where he is at his career, I don’t think it’s a good fit for him and what he’s trying to do.’’
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David Fizdale unlikely to return to Heat

Over the past few years, Craig has interviewed for several head jobs and impressed the Indiana Pacers recently. But he didn’t land that job or any other head job. Two Spoelstra assistants have become NBA or major college head coaches: Fizdale and Juwan Howard with Michigan, where he was 19-12 and 10-10 in the Big Ten his first season. Fizdale returning to the Heat staff is not considered a realistic possibility, according to a source. The Knicks are still paying him after firing him last season.
Fizdale said in an interview he was not surprised that Nash became a head coach, citing, among other things, Nash’s playing career, his “brilliant basketball mind” and that Nash “has a good pulse on today’s N.B.A.” But Fizdale said he thought there was a double standard for Black assistant coaches. “That’s where I think we have to do better,” Fizdale said. “I think young Black assistants are oftentimes slotted into this category of players’ coach, the communicator, the guy they want to get close to the players so they can put out any fires that may arise, even somewhat befriend them.” He continued, “It’s a delicate dance for a Black coach because the same thing they might ask you to do on your staff when it comes to getting close to players, that can be used against you when it’s time to hire a head coach.”