David Fizdale Rumors

The amount of time Knicks players spend playing “Fortnite” is among his worries. “Some guys, I do,” he said. “You don’t know who it is at home doing it, but I think this generation, they are an online generation. Whether it’s communicating late in the night with people. Whether it’s reading stuff, watching stuff, playing video games at the end of the night. It’s still a bunch of blue light in their eyes keeping them up all night. I do get concerned with how much rest they get. How it affects reaction time and irritability, things like that. So, yeah. Guys are different. Some guys aren’t really into it like that. Then there’s other guys.”
Even after all that happened with the Knicks – with trading Kristaps Porzingis and showcasing a new cast of players – the dominant chant Sunday from the Garden crowd was, “We want Kanter.” And for a moment, they thought they got their wish. Except coach David Fizdale called out “Dennis” for new Knick point guard Dennis Smith, not Enes. And Fizdale took a shot at Kanter for the aftermath – which included assistant coach Keith Smart physically blocking the center from checking into the game. “He wanted to run all the way to the scorer’s table, make it a bigger spectacle,” Fizdale said.