David Kahn rumors

At one point Friday evening, one resident of the condo building walked up to the group of protesters and offering to set up a meeting with Wheeler. That resident, David Kahn, told The Oregonian/OregonLive that he was going across the street to pick up a pizza, but saw the protesters and talked to them. He said he offered to set up a meeting with Wheeler on Monday, but the protesters were not interested. Kahn said he did not previously discuss that offer with Wheeler, but said that he knew the mayor, whom he described as a friend, would be ready to meet with demonstrators. “I’m certain that if he was here tonight we probably could have arranged for something, but he’s not,” said Kahn, the former president of the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball team. “But I know for a fact that is a standing policy for him.”
Curry brought this up in a 2014 interview with the Star Tribune’s Jerry Zgoda, and he advanced that theory to a national audience again recently when he appeared on Bill Simmons’ podcast. “My guy David Kahn. I don’t know where he’s at right now,” Curry said on the podcast. “I think the word on the street was that he didn’t draft me because Minnesota is cold and I wouldn’t be able to play as much golf so I’d be miserable.”
As it turned out, marijuana was not an issue in Beasley’s two seasons in Minnesota. Failure to grasp defensive concepts was the problem that led to their divorce. “Michael’s issue then from a basketball standpoint wasn’t on the offensive end,’’ Kahn told The Post in a phone interview. “Michael had a hard time on the defensive end. I think that wasn’t so much about Michael as the fact most of his basketball training was in the AAU system, a brief time in college. My sense at the time was he didn’t play as much in Miami as he had hoped because of the challenges he faced defensively.