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David Stern Rumors

The also was a nod of appreciation to former NBA executive Jerry Colangelo, the chairman of the Hall of Fame, and to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and late NBA Commissioner David Stern, with Hardaway having offered years of contrition on the wake of anti-gay comments in 2007. Hardaway called the three, “men who never wavered in their belief in me.”
Jeanie Buss: (You know) that they’re going to give it to you straight. (Late NBA commissioner) David Stern was also a person that I would lean on. And of course, (late Lakers legend) Kobe Bryant. So, unfortunately, I don’t have my dad any longer, Kobe, David Stern, these voices (who) were really important to me. And, you know, I’m sure if people sit in my chair, they would do the same thing. They would call upon people in their life that have been consistent and straightforward and aren’t afraid to tell them, ‘You’re off course here.’ (It’s) those people that aren’t just saying, ‘yes,’ to say ‘yes’ and get you out the door, people that are trusted to me. But are they running the Lakers? No. I’m running the Lakers. But if people want to know who I go to and talk to, I have my circle of people that I trust.
Existing investors including Jeff Bezos, Sapphire Sport, and Blackstone upped their stakes. Overtime has raised $250 million to date and claims over 6% of active NBA players have invested, including Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, and Trae Young. Other investors include Winslow Capital, Spark Capital, Black Capital, Alexis Ohanian, Drake, Quavo, and Micromanagement Ventures, co-founded by late former NBA commissioner David Stern.
What did Lacob do? On the advice of then-NBA Commissioner David Stern, he bought into his hometown Boston Celtics as a minority partner and built relationships with league honchos. “When the Warriors came up in 2010, I had an advantage, ironically — maybe my only advantage — over Larry Ellison, which was I knew everybody in the league really well,” said Lacob, who partnered with Peter Guber to buy the Warriors in 2010, five years after MLB denied him, for $450 million. The team is now valued by Forbes at $5.6 billion.
Kareem Maddox: I would say David Stern was responsible for kind of polishing the NBA product and trying to take it to the global audience. So an example is he was the one who, I believe, instituted a dress code, so when players arrived to games, they had to wear a suit and tie and look like they were going to a business meeting, but that was to, quote unquote, clean up the image. So he was involved in spreading it as far as he could.