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But here’s the best part — Porter and Weiner ended up raising a $2.5 million seed round in 2017, and former late NBA commissioner David Stern was their first investor. “This is a generation that doesn’t just want to read the news. They want to make and participate in it.” NBA Comissioner David Stern said at the time. Overtime ended up using the money to build a proprietary short-form programming content creation & distribution process. In simple terms, they paid a network of thousands of contributions to attend high school games, capture unique highlight-style content, and upload it remotely from their mobile device to a central database.
Storyline: Overtime Elite League
League officials were almost gleeful about the Harden move at the time. Player sharing was the Orwellian term coined by then commissioner David Stern, who wanted the elite talent more evenly dispersed across 30 franchises. The 2011 labor deal didn’t kill superteams, as some owners and league officials hoped, but it did make it far tougher to build and sustain them. “Before, you would look at a seven-to-10-year window,” says a longtime team executive who has worked for multiple contenders. “Now you want to maximize three to five years, as it may end or likely have dramatic change afterward.”
Now Guggenheim owns a lot of the Lakers (and, with Magic Johnson, the Dodgers). A group of Milken’s closest colleagues started Apollo Global which is the NBA’s (and, for a decade, Jeffrey Epstein’s) biggest source of cash, with former executives at the helm of the 76ers and Hawks. Milken’s friends are all over the league, the Trump administration, and Wall Street. David Stern once thought it was important to keep gambling and private equity out of the league. Adam Silver has welcomed them both and … hope NBA fans, players, coaches, and staff fare better than the redwoods!
The Lakers star’s latest appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast was eye-opening in that Melo revealed an ominous threat made against him by former NBA commissioner David Stern. This was following Anthony’s 15-game suspension back in 2006 for an in-arena brawl that broke out between his Denver Nuggets and his future team the New York Knicks. “‘I know who you with. I know where you live at,” the Lakers star claimed Stern said to him about his group of friends. ‘I know where they live at. I know when you close your eyes. I know when you wake up. And I know what they doin,’ he’s telling me.” “And I’m like damn, how the f—? That’s when I knew NBA was part of the feds. He told me, ‘I gotta make an example out of you.’ That’s a fact. He said, ‘I know everything. I know your whole crew. I know who’s doing what.’

The Earl Monroe New Renaissance Basketball School is a testimony to how a basketball family can enrich and motivate a plethora of communities. With help from its founding trustee David Stern to support from current commissioner Adam Silver, the NBA Foundation as a leading donor and broadcaster Marv Albert as an advisor, the list of acknowledgments from Monroe remained nearly endless. “Our motto, it came from a statement from David Stern: ‘A ball and a book can change the world’, and that’s what we’re hoping to do,” Monroe said.

David Stern inducted into Women's Basketball Hall of Fame

What David Stern did for the sport of basketball transcended any gender bias and opened a whole new world for women in the game. NBA commissioner from 1984 to 2014, Stern was the key figure in the formation and operation of the WNBA in 1997. That bold move paved the way for Stern, who died Jan. 1, 2020, to be inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame on Saturday night. Stern was joined in the induction class by former players Tamika Catchings, Swin Cash, Lauren Jackson and Debbie Brock, along with contributors Carol Callan, Sue Donohoe and Carol Stiff.
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