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David Thompson Rumors

Justin Kubatko: Most points scored by a player over the final three games of a regular season: 154 – Damian Lillard, 2019-20 128 – Dominique Wilkins, 1985-86 128 – Michael Jordan, 1986-87 128 – Kobe Bryant, 2005-06 127 – David Thompson, 1977-78 127 – Russell Westbrook, 2014-15
David Thompson: When I got past 60 — definitely at age 61, maybe at 62 — I could still dunk when I wanted to. But I’ve had a knee replacement, and I’m probably going to need another one. So I don’t try to dunk now. The doctors have told me not to attempt it, and I’m trying to preserve whatever I’ve got left. (Pauses) Actually, I probably could still dunk if I wanted to. But I don’t want to chance it.
In 2009, Michael Jordan had to pick a previous hall of famer to give his presentation speech when he went into the hall and he chose you. Were you surprised? David Thompson: Yes and no. I knew how Michael felt about me and how I was an inspiration for him in his career. But there were so many other North Carolina guys in the hall of fame, and I went to North Carolina State. So it was a little bit surprising that he picked me. I was very happy about it and was really honored to be a part of his day.
How did you compare to Zion Williamson as a dunker? David Thompson: Zion is more of a power dunker. He’s got the bulk and the size and the weight, and he can really get up high. I probably could maneuver more in the air. But Zion is awesome. I really like him. Plus he plays for my cousin’s team (Alvin Gentry, Thompson’s cousin, is the head coach of the New Orleans Pelicans). Alvin and I grew up together. We sang in the church choir together. We were like brothers at one point.