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David Vanterpool Rumors

While Vanterpool wasn’t hired, the ex-NBA player with 13 years of coaching experience who’s now an assistant with the Brooklyn Nets hasn’t stopped dreaming that he will be a head coach one day. “When it comes to résumé, I got the résumé,” Vanterpool said to The Undefeated in his first public comments since not being promoted by the Wolves. “I’ve done everything almost in this business. When it comes to experience, I have the experience. There just hasn’t been head coach on my title, but I have the experience. I’ve been coaching for too long and have been in this for too long. “I just want the opportunity and the ability to fail, too. Just like everybody else. I still will get that opportunity.”
Working with the Nets under head coach Steve Nash, Vanterpool was reunited with Kevin Durant and James Harden, whom he coached previously with the Thunder when they advanced to the 2012 NBA Finals. Nash said Vanterpool’s experience coaching and playing in the NBA and Europe made him an attractive hire. “He has the pedigree in terms of his basketball IQ and experience,” Nash said. “He is also very familiar with my guys. He was with James and Kevin in OKC way back when, which is a previous relationship that helps as well. He is doing a great job for us. He is a guy that is going to get an opportunity to be a head coach. He deserves an opportunity.”