Dean Tolson rumors

Tolson, 59, has become the first former NBA player — kind of a test case — to enroll in the Pain Alternatives, Solutions and Treatments program (P.A.S.T.), a New Jersey-based medical group that recently has partnered with the National Basketball Retired Players Association to help those in need. P.A.S.T. already had been working with former NFL and Major League Baseball players, helping them with a variety of medical and behavioral issues, often a result of a career in sports. The services are provided pro bono, for those like Tolson without the necessary health insurance or the ability to pay for the treatment. ( to read more.)
It’s where he has come to reclaim his only child, a 16-year-old daughter who hates what he has become, an addict who still struggles to admit he is one. She lives 500 miles away with her mother, but he sees her every time he closes his eyes. “There were days when all I could do was lie there and cry,” Tolson said, sitting in a treatment center reception area. “There were days when you didn’t even want to wake up. It was a living hell at times. It was misery. It hurt so bad sometimes, it was a sweet-mother-jesus, take-me-away pain. I wanted that part of my life to end.”