Dennis Lindsey Rumors

Millsap says he could discuss things with Snyder, even heatedly at times, because of their relationship. “Maybe step to the line, but at the end of the day, I never crossed the line,” he said. “I always had respect for (Snyder) as the head coach of the basketball team.” So, Millsap pushed back on the narrative. He repeated what he thought his role on the team was. He talked about watching film with Snyder, talking jointly — he thought — about ways to improve the team. He pointed out that Utah went 20-11 after the All-Star break and was one of the top defensive teams the second half of the season. And he pointed out that he believed he was a part of that improvement. “And that led to Dennis Lindsey irately saying what he said,” Millsap says.
The NBA said Monday that an investigation into whether Utah Jazz player Elijah Millsap had a bigoted remark directed at him during an end-of-season interview six years ago has ended and was unable to find proof that the statement was made. Millsap alleged last month that Dennis Lindsey, then the team’s general manager and now its executive vide president, said “if u say one more word, I’ll cut your Black ass and send you back to Louisiana” during that April 2015 meeting.

Elijah Millsap expresses concerns about probe

Former Utah guard Elijah Millsap said Friday that he has not yet heard from any investigators regarding his allegation that Jazz executive Dennis Lindsey made a bigoted comment to him during an end-of-season meeting in 2015. Millsap also expressed doubt that a fair investigation could take place regarding his claim that Lindsey, who then was the team’s general manager and now is an executive vice president, threatened to cut his “Black ass” and send him home.