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Like basketball fans worldwide, Eric Piatkowski watched “The Last Dance,” a 10-part mini-series on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. With each episode, Piatkowski was reminded of his NBA career, which spanned 14 years. The University of Nebraska graduate made his NBA debut 1994 with the Los Angeles Clippers. “My rookie year, we had the worst record in the NBA,” Piatkowski said. “We were averaging about 2,500 people per game. Everyone said ‘Wait until the Bulls come to town.’ Every star in town is there and there are flashbulbs going off. I’m like, ‘Man, this is amazing.'” Piatkowski remembers seeing several celebrities courtside for his first Bulls vs. Clippers game, including Tiger Woods, Denzel Washington, and Jack Nicholson. Piatkowski adds that prior to the game, his wife and family members were taking pictures with celebrities courtside.
The guard accrued a $25,000 fine from the NBA after “recklessly throwing the game ball into the spectator stands,” the league announced Monday morning. Iguodala had his own response. In an Instagram video, Iguodala shared a scene from “He Got Game,” a Spike Lee film featuring actor Denzel Washington and 10-time NBA All-Star Ray Allen.
“It’s great,” said Lakers coach Luke Walton on Thursday. “People are frustrated and angry after those types of games, so you bring in someone like Denzel, and he talks about the things he talks about, it does a nice job of lifting spirits.” Walton said the 63-year-old actor’s message provided welcome perspective to his team, which is 11-9 and hosts the Indiana Pacers on Thursday.
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James said Washington, who was presented with a gold No. 1 Lakers uniform with “Washington” stitched across the back of it when he met the team Wednesday, gave him an African-American role model to aspire to be like when he was growing up, much the same way Will Smith and Dave Chappelle did. “I grew up watching these guys,” James said. “I grew up admiring these guys, admiring their craft, wanting to be like certain characters they portrayed either in TV shows or movies or in standup. So, that’s what it all boils down to. I appreciate those guys and thank them more than they know.”
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On Sunday, Zo popped up during Game 2 on ABC as part of a campaign promoting “The Equalizer 2.” In the ad, Ball not only auditions for Denzel Washington’s part in the sequel, but shows up with boxes upon boxes of clothing. “We’re going to need some merch for the movie. My family is like the king of the merch game,” Lonzo quips, in a clear nod to the Big Baller Brand.
But when Ray Allen squared up against Denzel Washington for the iconic final scene in 1998’s He Got Game, fate, as it were, took over. “It was supposed to be 11-0,” Allen recently told Yahoo Entertainment. The two-time NBA champ has a new autobiography out called From the Outside: My Journey Through Life and the Game I Love, and he recalled filming the Spike Lee classic, which turns 20 this year. “But when we started playing, [Denzel] started shooting the ball, and the ball was going in,” said Allen.