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Like the veteran Speights, Magic guard Arron Afflalo has played for all types of coaches over his 11 years in the NBA. Six of his 10 former coaches – Michael Curry, Brian Shaw, Derek Fisher, Kurt Rambis, Karl and Vaughn – played in the NBA prior to going into coaching. Afflalo said the essence of the player/coach relationship depends far more on relatability than whether or not a mentor once played NBA basketball. “It’s more of a communication thing,’’ Afflalo stressed. “Sometimes former players relate to other players and sometimes guys who didn’t play in the NBA are just really great communicators and motivators. They know the game and know how to teach the game. So, I can’t stand here and say for a fact that a former player would be better, but communication and accountability will always be the key with any coach.’’
In his three years with the Knicks, he has played for Mike Woodson, Derek Fisher and Jeff Hornacek. “It would be great to have a coach I could have for more than two years, you know,” Hardaway said Thursday. “It’s been tough throughout my career having different coaches and different philosophies, different style of plays throughout this entire time.”
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There are two boxed basketballs stacked on an armchair and books by Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the shelf, but for the most part, Derek Fisher’s home office is an NBA-free zone. “I’ve been gifted lots of pictures of myself, but I don’t really put them up,” said the former Lakers point guard and five-time champion. “I don’t like to have my jerseys on the wall.” Fisher, 43, lives in the Mediterranean-style San Fernando Valley home with girlfriend and “Basketball Wives” star Gloria Govan. It’s a full house most days — the couple have five children from previous relationships and also share the seven-bedroom property with Fisher’s nephew and the family’s Italian mastiff, Bella.
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Hornacek was set up to fail by Phil Jackson, just like his predecessor, Derek Fisher. The idea that an executive could force a coach to run the triangle was folly. For the first time Monday, Porzingis acknowledged it undermined Hornacek in the locker room. “He was maybe forced to run a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Do this, do that. And that’s when you can tell. As a player, you feel that. And when things are not going well, there are a lot of players who are saying, ‘Why are we doing this?'” Porzingis said. “When you believe in something — even if you’re not doing well — sooner or later those things start to work out.”