Dick Bavetta Rumors

Ironically, Courtney Lee’s costly T came on a night he set a franchise record for consecutive made free throws, breaking Chris Duhon’s record of 44. He got the record and possibly an NBA fine for a rant that included his belief that officiating nowadays has turned for the worse. Lee claimed referees are more sensitive, noting the amount of technical fouls he’s gotten already compared to the four he had for his career coming into the season. “If you’re going to get a technical when both are talking to each other and not talking to you, it’s a double tech in that situation,’’ Lee said. “If both of us are talking, it has nothing to do with you. No violent talk. No cuss words were even said. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s different now. I really appreciate [retired] guys like Joey Crawford, Monty McCutcheon, Dick Bavetta. You appreciate those guys. I’m at a loss for words.’’
SI.com: You’re going in alongside [longtime NBA referee] Dick Bavetta. How many technical fouls did he give you for finger-wagging? Mutombo: I keep complaining about it, every time I see him. I say, “Dick, I can’t believe you and I are going into the Hall of Fame together.” I’m happy for him, but at the same time, I tell him, “You made me pay so much money to the NBA. Is there any way you can get me my money back?” And he says no, no, no, never. But it’s been great. He was tough, man, one of the best referees, but he was not easy. He paid the same respect to all of the players.