Doc Rivers Rumors

Three winters ago, Doc Rivers was ready to be done. He was throwing up constantly. His energy evaporated. Pounds dropped off his body. Rivers needed to get IVs before he coached the Clippers. He no longer looked like the tough-as-hell guard who made a name for himself on defense. He looked frail. And tired. And miserable. “It was awful,” he said. “That was a tough stretch. I almost thought about quitting because I had no energy. … And I thought it definitely affected my day-to-day ability to coach — and to live. You’re always tired. This job is tiring. And then you’re sick on top of it. I didn’t do any favors for myself.”
“Don’t get me started on the Hall of Fame,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said before Friday’s game against the Spurs at AT&T Center. “Why is it that college coaches — and nothing against the college coaches — but they’re coaching and they’re Hall of Fame coaches? Why isn’t Pop in the Hall? Well, he has his own reasons. But Rudy T isn’t in the Hall? That’s a joke, just a complete joke. In college, if you win two national titles, you can lose every game for the rest of your career and you still get to go to the Hall of Fame.”