Doc Rivers Rumors

Ingles had spent the preseason with the Clippers, but was let go, the last player cut from the team. The Clippers had the maximum number of players on contract and preferred not to keep a non-guaranteed player. When asked Wednesday if he regrets that decision, Rivers answered, “all the time.” “I said it the day we released him that this was a bad decision and that we’re going to regret it,” he said. “Unfortunately I was working for someone who said we couldn’t eat a contract. We were begging to eat one contract and they said that will never happen and we had to let him go.”
The Clippers’ trade of Blake Griffin one year ago came months after the star forward was sold in free agency, in a pitch complete with a mock jersey retirement ceremony, on becoming a “Clipper for life.” As Griffin prepares to face the Clippers on Saturday at Staples Center for the first time since being dealt to Detroit, his former coach, Doc Rivers, believes Griffin will eventually receive the honor, this time for real. It follows comments by Rivers earlier this season that DeAndre Jordan, Griffin’s “Lob City” running mate before leaving for Dallas last summer, also is deserving of a retired jersey.
“Those two, I think they should go in the same day, I really do,” Rivers told the Los Angeles Times following the Clippers’ 121-100 loss Thursday in Denver. “Blake was great for us, he really was. It didn’t end great because we traded him but at the end of the day, Blake and D.J. started the birth of the Clippers. [Griffin] deserves a standing ovation.”
The Clippers plan to honor Griffin with a tribute video. He has spoken with some inside the Clippers organization since the trade but not all. Rivers is among the latter group. “I’m more concerned with, he was a great Clipper,” Rivers said. “Let’s leave it at that. All the other … is so overdone to me. The part that needs to be celebrated is what he did with us.”