Dominique Wilkins Rumors

“To go back to my day, even though we didn’t win the championship, the Sixers were worth watching. The Knicks were worth watching. The Pacers were worth watching when Reggie was there, same thing with Atlanta and Dominique. I just don’t think it’s good for business, but these young kids, they all fold to peer pressure and feel like they’ve got to win a championship or their life sucks. I don’t believe that. Listen, there’s not many people I’d trade my life with.”
Atlanta Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins received an apology from a restaurant that turned him away for dress code reasons. La Bilboquet — a French restaurant in Atlanta — issued a statement Monday formally apologizing to Wilkins and vowing to make changes. Following the Wilkins incident, La Bilboquet said it will “provide diversity, equity and inclusion training to all current employees.” The restaurant also said it would “reevaluate” its dress code restrictions to eliminate ambiguities.
Wilkins said restaurant employees first told him there were no tables available before they said his clothes were inappropriate. The Hall of Famer claimed he was wearing designer casual pants. “I would have been fine if they would have said just no tables,” Wilkins said