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Dominique Wilkins Rumors

Dominique Wilkins, a living NBA legend still remembers his short stint in Europe when he was in Panathinaikos and Bozidar Maljkovic was on the bench, as he said on an interview at Greek television station COSMOTE TV. It was 1995 and the training method of Maljkovic is still fresh in his memory. “When I came, we had gone to some French mountains. He wanted us to run almost 5 kilometers and more on the way back. The next day, in the middle of the course, I turned to him and said, “Coach, I didn’t come here to be a runner but to play basketball. It didn’t go too well, but we were trying really hard in training. All of us. So he knew our skill level in every match.”
With the 25th Greek League All-Star Game on the corner, the organization that runs the league (ESAKE) has announced a list of 30 former players who will now qualify as the competition’s Hall of Famers. The vast majority of the selected players are Greek. Most notably, Vassilis Spanoulis, Nikos Galis, Dimitris Diamantidis, Theodoros Papaloukas, Panagiotis Giannakis, and Fragiskos Alvertis. However, there are plenty of foreign names as well, ranging from NBA legends to European basketball superstars. The first name that differentiates itself from the list is Dominique Wilkins, an NBA Hall of Famer who spent a year playing for Panathinaikos Athens in the 90s. Led by Wilkins, the Greek club marched to a EuroLeague title that season.
The last thing Bob Rathbun remembers is sitting in a chair and thinking, “Just let me get through this.” His stomach had been doing flips for two hours. He already had made one unscheduled visit to the restroom, and he felt that something bad was coming around the corner again. But he had worked before despite not feeling great, and he had a live shot to do for the Hawks’ pregame show, and he felt he couldn’t just bail, so he took his seat next to Dominique Wilkins, gripped a microphone, looked into a television camera and forced a smile. “I was thinking, ‘I know I’m going to be sick again. But let me just get through this, then I’ll go vomit, and I’ll do the game, and then I’ll go home and go to bed,’” he said. “So I got in the chair and made some innocuous comment about AJ Griffin, and the next thing I remember was an EMT guy was standing in front of me.”