Dominique Wilkins Rumors

Ella Collier is Denmark’s 6-foot-3 middle blocker. To her opponents, she’s a mismatch before she even steps foot on the volleyball court. To Dominique Wilkins, she’s Jason’s daughter. To her mother, Katie Collier, she’s a reminder of everything she loved about her late husband and once-emerging NBA star, Jason Collier. Ella keeps her father’s memory close. She wears No. 40 for the Danes, which is the same number Jason wore during his two seasons with the Atlanta Hawks.
Justin Kubatko: Most points scored by a player over the final three games of a regular season: 154 – Damian Lillard, 2019-20 128 – Dominique Wilkins, 1985-86 128 – Michael Jordan, 1986-87 128 – Kobe Bryant, 2005-06 127 – David Thompson, 1977-78 127 – Russell Westbrook, 2014-15
Dominique Wilkins has filed a lawsuit against a slew of online shops, saying they violated copyright law by using his name and likeness for their products. The 14-page complaint filed Monday said the 40 companies illegally used the former Atlanta Hawks superstar and NBA Hall of Famer’s name on their merchandise and sold it in online marketplaces including Alibaba, Amazon, Ebay and Wish.
While lying on the court in pain after tearing his left Achilles tendon on Dec. 6, Rodney Hood began to contemplate his basketball future. “The initial thought is like, ‘Damn. Most guys used to retire after the Achilles injury,'” the Portland Trail Blazers swingman told ESPN this month. “Nobody really but Dominique Wilkins has come back to be the same person as he used to be or better; but now, more and more guys come back and they’re healthy.”
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