Dominique Wilkins Rumors

As a more mature individual now, Wilkins said he often thinks about how things may have been had he stayed in Utah to join forces with John Stockton and Karl Malone. Instead of two finals appearances, maybe a few championship banners might be hanging in Vivint Arena. “Playing with Stockton and Malone, we probably could’ve won a few championships,” Wilkins said. “Not probably, we would’ve, but again, things happen in life for a reason, and you’ve got to take what cards are dealt, but coming to Atlanta was a blessing for me, and I’ve never left.”
The league has now transitioned, too. During his era, there weren’t as many stretch fours and combo players, so it’s cool to see the game evolve from his perspective, but at that time, he wanted no part of the low post in Utah. “I mean, it’s more diverse, more hybrid players playing multiple positions, but in my day you was just happy to play one, sometimes two but you didn’t play multiple positions because the league was physical,” Wilkins recalled.
Michael Jordan has remained mum on LaVar Ball’s boast that Ball could’ve schooled Jordan in a game of one-on-one and on Lonzo Ball’s claim that he could beat Jordan today. But a couple of Jordan’s pals are sounding off. Clyde Drexler and Dominique Wilkins, Hall of Famers whose careers overlapped with Jordan’s, scoffed at the Balls’ talk about beating Jordan. “It’s stupid,’’ Wilkins told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. “Are they joking?” “Let me tell you something. They both would get embarrassed.”
Drexler, who played with Jordan on “The Dream Team” at the 1992 Olympics where the U.S. squad won the gold medal, said LaVar Ball simply is trying to drum up publicity. “Everything he’s doing is for attention and I’m not mad at him because that’s how people know who his son is,’’ Drexler told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. “Think about it. Out of all the kids in the draft this season, whose name does everybody know more than anyone’s? See? “We came up when you actually had to do something for people to know who you are. So I have a different perspective on that.’’