Don Nelson Rumors

The NBA’s all-time winningest coach sounded relaxed from his Maui residence. Don Nelson also sounded eager for San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich to eclipse his league record among head coaches for most all-time wins. “I can’t wait until he gets that,” Nelson told USA TODAY Sports. “That will be a great day for me.”
Popovich also appears within striking distance of breaking Nelson’s record. While Nelson (1,335) and Lenny Wilkens (1,332) stand in first and second place among NBA coaches for most all-time wins, Popovich needs 48 more wins to top Nelson. With the Spurs (11-10) in 10th place in the Western Conference, how their mix of veterans and young players perform will determine both San Antonio’s playoff chances and if Popovich can further cement himself in the NBA record books. It also depends on how much longer Popovich wants to coach beyond this season after turning 72 last week. “He’ll get that after this year and one more probably,” Nelson said. “I hope he sticks around to get that record. I want him to have it.”
The winningest coach in NBA history was thrilled to hear the news that Steve Nash had been hired as coach of the Brooklyn Nets. And while predicting greatness is a dangerous thing, Don Nelson said that the former Mavericks’ point guard has a great advantage working in his favor. “He’s got a good team,” Nelson said Friday from his home in Hawaii. “And that usually makes you a good coach.”
“I haven’t paid that close attention to their (the Nets’) situation, but I know they have Durant,” Nelson said. “And anytime you hire a guy into that situation, expectations are going to be high. When you’re coming into a rebuilding team, you just have to get better or you get fired. “In this situation, the expectations are going to be high, for sure.”