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Don Nelson Rumors

The Grateful Dead even held a press conference with Walton (who was then an NBC broadcaster), Marciulionis (then with the Kings), Nelson (then a Suns assistant), and Warriors forward Chris Mullin to promote the sales. Their 1996 design, still in the iconic tie-dye, had no skeleton but did have the Grateful Dead 13-point lightning bolt imprinted on a basketball. Additionally, with a close examination, the net resembled the “Steal Your Face” skull. This design was by Wayne Swarthout and Bob Sauer. “I think it’s genius,” said McNally, who believes that if you asked a graphic artist to combine the Grateful Dead and basketball, that would be exactly what they would come up with. “I thought that was a beautiful design.”
San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich will be the honorary guest of Turkish Airlines Euroleague at the Final Four in Belgrade, according to a report by Popovich, who recently became the winningest coach in NBA history (he reached 1,336 in March to surpass Don Nelson), will arrive in Belgrade late on Wednesday, as mentioned in the report.
Thus Pletzinger begins unspooling the real story of how a kid from Wurzburg became Dirk Nowitzki (who, by the way, has had his first and last names mispronounced by American fans his entire adult life—it’s an open joke in this book, and even in TV commercials in Germany). There was the little period, near the end of Dirk’s dismal rookie year, when the Mavericks’ hopes faded sufficiently that coach Don Nelson told Dirk to just go out there and play with joy. He had been playing three minutes here and four minutes there, but in a meaningless game against the Suns Dirk started, played 44 minutes, and scored 29 points. “I’ll never forget that game,” says Dirk. “He trained his mental muscle back then,” adds then-teammate Steve Nash.