Donnie Walsh Rumors

That $42 million contract extension he was given by the Pacers in 2002, maybe it wasn’t worth it for the team. Maybe Indiana Pacers President Donnie Walsh, who spent hours in deep conversation with Artest, nurturing and comforting him through difficult times, should have given up on him. Maybe Walsh should have gotten another player, one who wouldn’t snap and erupt into violent outbursts. “They did have a special player, but the player they had wasn’t stable as a pro basketball player,” Metta Saniford-Artest (who changed his name from Metta World Peace in May after marrying Maya Sandiford) told IndyStar Wednesday. “In terms of talent they definitely got it right (with me). But I felt bad, wish it would have been someone else they had gotten so they could have won a title.”
To anyone else, peeking into Sandiford-Artest’s world in 2002, the words were ones NBA dreams are made of. Walsh looked at Sandiford-Artest, who was in his first season with the team, and told him he would do anything to keep him. “I remember Donnie Walsh telling me he wanted to give me the maximum dollar,” he said. “‘What any team wants for you, we are going to match it.'”Exhilaration didn’t follow. Instead, Sandiford-Artest felt disbelief. And then worse. “I actually panicked,” he said. “At that time, I was like, ‘Are you (expletive) kidding me?’ Sometimes, things cause you to self destruct, certain things.”