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Donnie Walsh Rumors

On Wednesday, Dec. 30, Donnie Walsh logged onto a Zoom call to share news with his colleagues at Pacers Sports & Entertainment for the final time. He had great memories with them, an organization for which he once ran the basketball and business operations. But it was time. So around noon ET on Dec. 30 — as first reported on Fieldhouse Files — Walsh informed team employees that he was stepping down as a consultant, a role he held since 2013, and was retiring. This was it.
“I don’t know if it’s a good time or not,” Walsh said during our phone interview, his first extensive interview since retiring, “but I had been thinking about doing it since I got back actually from New York (in 2012). I fought against it because my whole life has been in basketball, but the bottom line was, this year in particular, I just thought I’m getting too old for this. I don’t have the same energy, I don’t have the same body, I guess, that I used to have.
“And I think when you’re in a game like the NBA, it really requires a lot of energy, the ability to travel a lot and that kind of thing, and to get up early and go to work every day, and then to stay long for games. I just didn’t have what it took to do that anymore. So I had to admit it. “So I called up (owner) Herb Simon and Kevin (Pritchard), and told them I just can’t come back. That’s all. And also, because of my career — I’ve had 60 years in basketball — and as a result, I’ve always been in and out with my family. I just thought I’d like to spend the complete time with different members of my family and have the ability to do that. So that was the real reason I did it.”

Donnie Walsh retiring

Longtime Indiana Pacers executive Donnie Walsh, the architect of the franchise’s turnaround, announced his retirement on Wednesday. The 79-year-old Walsh first told The Indianapolis Star of his intention to retire. “Over my 30-year relationship with Donnie, I have been amazed to watch him help lead this organization to what it has become,” team owner Herb Simon said in a statement. “He was certainly the right leader at the right time, and the invaluable wisdom and counsel he has provided over the decades extend well beyond the lines of the basketball court.”
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Rick Fuson, Pacers Sports & Entertainment President and Chief Operating Officer, calls Walsh “a pillar of basketball.” “His commitment to the game of basketball is nearly unmatched. I believe he’ll be a Hall of Famer,” Fuson said of Walsh. “He’s as well-rounded, understood and understanding in the basketball business as anybody around. He’s a pillar in our city. He brought basketball back again to Indianapolis. He stood firm and changed the way we looked at things.”