Donnie Walsh Rumors

The Indiana Pacers’ family expresses great sorrow with the news of the passing of former coach George Irvine. George served as the Pacers’ head coach from 1984-86, was an interim head coach in 1988 and also an assistant coach from 1980-83, in 1991-92 and 1993-95. When not coaching, George assisted General Manager/President Donnie Walsh in the front office.
Appearing on Boomer and Carton Friday, Woj said players and their agents are recognizing what’s going on with the Nets and compared it with the Knicks. “I talk to players around the league, agents, people. They like what’s in Brooklyn to send their guys to in the future. The coaching, the organization, everything around it. The Knicks still don’t have that. And it gets back to this: Whether Donnie Walsh is GM, who did a tremendous job, or whether it’s Phil Jackson, it will always be James Dolan’s culture there.”
Walsh said he had normally had three areas he wanted to explore with potential coaches. “Usually before I really interviewed them, I kind of knew enough about them, so I had more specific questions,” he said. “I wanted to know what kind of style they were comfortable with, without telling them what style I thought was best for the team. Usually when you were dealing with experienced guys, you kind of know they knew every style, so you could get more specific and start applying your team to that. “Then, the next thing is, what do you like about the team off the court? What are you rules? Do you have a lot of rules? How do you deal with the rules? I had my answer for that, which is you don’t overreact. If you say ‘be here at 9 o’clock’ and he’s there at 9:01, you fine him. No conversation Don’t make a drama out of it. But I do kind of want to know how they deal with that. “And, the third thing I tried to let them know was, they’re the spokesman for the franchise on a daily basis, which is more than the general manager or the owner or the president. Are they comfortable in that role?