Doping Rumors

It should be noted that Hamilton is clear in saying that if players are using PEDs, they’re used for recovery purposes and not to gain an advantage in the game. Basketball is inherently difficult to gain an advantage from physical boosts, with how much the game relies on skill. There’s also a question of how much the modern fan, even with the outrage that occurred in baseball at the turn of the century, really cares about these issues.
Storyline: George Karl Book
Faced with allegations of widespread cheating among athletes in his country, Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko has consistently fired back at critics. Now he is taking aim at the NBA and NHL. Speaking to reporters this weekend, Mutko criticized the two pro leagues for what he characterized as lax anti-doping enforcement. “Nobody does doping tests at those leagues,” Mutko was quoted as saying by the Russian news agency Tass. “They do doping tests once every four years, when coming to the Olympics.”
Pau Gasol on L’Equipe article hinting at doping: “It’s not nice to have your professionalism and your integrity questioned without merit. It’s not acceptable. At the same time, I try look at the positive side of things. While it was something negative, I still managed to look at it as something positive, like they were complimenting me as a player.”
LeBron James expressed indifference Saturday over the NBA’s planned blood tests for Human Growth Hormone beginning next season, a policy agreed to by the league and players’ union that was announced Thursday. “if it’s the rules, it’s the rules,” James said after Cleveland’s final practice before hosting Boston on Sunday in Game 1 of an Eastern Conference first-round playoff series. “It shouldn’t be a problem.”