Doris Burke Rumors

The fragility of a television career seems to periodically weigh on her. ESPN has yet to open serious discussions about renewing her contract after it expires this fall. Although this is not unusual for a broadcaster, Ms. Burke said that having a new job since her last contract, along with recent changes at the network, including the resignation of its president, John Skipper, had heightened her anxiety. (ESPN has a strong reputation for promoting female broadcasters, and executives have said they are extremely pleased with her performance.) While awaiting the start of the game in Philadelphia, she glanced down at her phone and saw that Mr. Durant had decided to restructure his deal with the Golden State Warriors. “Contract year,” Mr. Dean, her producer, said. “I know all about that,” Ms. Burke quipped.
“It’s a passion of mine to simply be able to be around the game,” said Clifton, who is in her sixth season on the Cavs’ broadcasts. Usually she serves as sideline reporter. “At this level, I don’t think I ever really thought about it, at the NBA level,” Clifton said. “But it’s something to see other women do it, Sarah Kustok, and Stephanie Ready, and Doris (Burke) of course. It just shows that the opportunity is there. So I think the chance for me to do it in a place I’m so familiar with, alongside someone like Fred. I’m excited about it.”