Draft Rumors

The Nuggets enter the 2019-20 season possessing some of the most exciting rookies in franchise history. Former McDonald’s All-American MVP Michael Porter Jr. is set to see some action this season, while Bol Bol has drawn a lot of attention with his potential as a 7-foot-2 center with range. Nuggets President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly believes fans will also be impressed with what they see out of recent European import Vlatko Čančar. “Vlatko has done of great job of developing since we drafted him,” Connelly said in an interview with Altitude Sports Radio 92.5 FM on Thursday. “He’s going to surprise people with his ability to guard several positions. He’s a really bright kid, a really tough kid, a humble guy that will continue to develop.”
In substance, the changes really amount to: An increase in fines (from a maximum of $5 million for tampering to $10 million) that mostly mirrors the increase in franchise values and player salaries over the last two decades; allowing Silver to (in theory) take draft picks as punishment for any “conduct detrimental to the NBA”; the annual random audits of five teams and a brief mandate that “where cause exists” the league may “undertake more in-depth investigations.” the requirement that top team officials save communications with agents for one year.
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Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant recalled what Charlotte Hornets general manager Bob Bass told him when the organization made the decision to trade him to the Lakers on draft day. While brief and inconsequential, Bass’ words had a profound effect on Bryant, which stuck with him for the rest of his 20-year career. “We couldn’t have used you anyway,” Bass told a then-17-year-old Bryant on the phone while the terms of the trade were being finalized. “I was triggered,” Bryant admitted to his fellow former NBA players Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles during the Knuckleheads podcast. “I was ready to go to the gym.”