Draft Rumors

As NBA executives flock to college games to evaluate talent, the NCAA campaign so far has been overshadowed by the eligibility questions surrounding Memphis forward/center James Wiseman, the potential No. 1 overall pick in next June’s draft. Scouts and others would love to see him play, but NBA executives have told The Athletic that Wiseman’s draft stock is solidified from a talent perspective and that there is no sense he will fall out of the lottery picks, even should he miss the rest of the season. “Will him sitting the year impact him a spot or two? Maybe,” one high-ranking team official said. “But it isn’t impacting his financial base. He is known as a talent.”
Former NBA player Channing Frye believes the Boston Celtics have started the 2019-20 NBA season so well because the head coach’s system runs better with Kemba Walker at point guard than it did with Kyrie Irving. Frye told NBA TV’s “Handles” the offseason point guard change has helped the other Celtics players flourish to the team’s overall benefit. “I think it is (designed to excel without a superstar),” Frye said of Stevens’ scheme. “I think for them, less is more. “They drafted really well, they made some good acquisitions when they had Al Horford and Gordon Hayward. Those guys fit into Brad Stevens’ system and they excel in that.
According to Carlisle, Mavericks GM Donnie Nelson envisioned as much well before Dallas acquired Doncic in a 2018 NBA draft-night trade that sent Trae Young to Atlanta. “Donnie told me flat out he was going to be the best in that draft, and it wasn’t close,” Carlisle said. “That’s how he felt about it. We’re thrilled that we’ve had the chance to get him to Dallas and work with him. He’s worked hard. Each week he’s gotten better and better and better and going forward, I’m watching his workload closely, his minutes, those kinds of things. It’s important that we look out for him, too.”
It was Auerbach who nixed Parker and insisted that North Carolina shooting guard Joe Forte be the team’s pick at No. 21, a fact confirmed in recent days by several league executives familiar with the Celtics decision on what would become a fateful night for the Spurs. Auerbach, one executive said, remained skeptical of European point guards. Plus, he had seen many of Forte’s games when Forte was a star for DeMatha Catholic High School, the famed hoops program in Hyattsville, Md., run by Auerbach’s friend, legendary prep coach Morgan Wootten.