DraftStreet Rumors

DraftStreet is offering $1,000 in cash prizes for an exclusive “beat the expert” Hoopshype league. The entry fee is only $5 and is limited to 220 entries so dont wait too long to join! DraftStreet is raising the stakes this week by offering $5 back to anyone who beats the team of HoopsHype’s editor Jorge Sierra, separate from the regular prize pool. That’s right. Even if you finish out of the money, all you have to do is beat Jorge to win $5. The beat the expert contest is for Friday night’s games only, so you have until 7:00 EST tomorrow to create your team.
You’re given a $100K salary cap, and each player is assigned a price by DraftStreet. Your roster will cover these positions: 2 forwards, 2 guards, 2 centers, and 2 utility players. You get points based on how your team performs on Friday. For example, you’ll get 1.25 points for each block your player has and 2 points for each steal. You can apply all different kinds of strategies when you build your team. I will not be giving out any secrets this week, since I am competing against all of you! Be sure to sign up as soon as possible, before the 220 slots are all taken. You are also allowed to make up to three teams each! DraftStreet has really raised the stakes this week by putting my basketball knowledge on the line. Do you think you can beat me? CLICK HERE to sign up for DraftStreet and join the league!
If you missed out on the draftstreet promotions this year there is no need to worry because they are back for the 2012-2013 season! Draftstreet turns the season long grind into quick hitting one night leagues and the best part is that you can win cash every single day. You draft a team for one night and get paid out as soon as the games end that night. DraftStreet.com is at the forefront of this new trend in the fantasy world and is giving us a great promotion: a FREE one-day fantasy league with $300 in prizes exclusively for HoopsHype fans. This free contest will be salary-cap style drafting where everyone tries to assemble the best team out of the available players. You will have a $100,000 budget to build a team of 2 forwards, 2 guards, 2 centers, and 2 utility players. Each NBA player has been assigned a price based on their expected fantasy performance. For example, Kevin Love costs $19,253 where as Gerald Wallace only costs $11,644.