Drew League Rumors

During the Drew League summer season in California, Drummond showed flashes of what he’d been working on, putting up mid-range jumpers. There’s a big difference between summer exhibitions and NBA games and Drummond has the confidence now to put up short jumpers. “That’s something I’ve worked on all season behind closed doors, taking my time to critique it, perfect it and next season, I should be shooting them consistently,” Drummond said. “Going into year seven of my career, it’s time I expand my game; the game has changed each year. “It’s about time I start shooting those little jump shots around the free-throw line; when I’m left wide open, I should be able to shoot that shot.”
“It’s going to open up other stuff. Everybody knows I’m a very aggressive driver when I get the ball,” Drummond said. “If I’m able to shoot that shot, I can pump-fake and go right by them. It’s going to be tough when I get that down. “I’ve put in a lot of hours shooting jump shots around that elbow and mid-range area. I’ve shown spurts of it throughout the summer and in summer league play and later in the season, I started shooting pull-up shots. It’s something I have to keep working on, keep taking and build confidence in.”
Wright credits Durant’s appearance for shining a spotlight on the Drew League. He also inspired other superstars, like Bryant and James, to participate as well. “During the lockout, KD hit me with a Twitter DM like, ‘Yo, what’s up? I’m trying to play in the Drew League.’ I told him what time our team was playing, but he ended up getting there early and playing with [the rapper] The Game,” Wright said. “He shut the gym down. I remember he threw the ball off the backboard to himself, flew down the lane and dunked it. That really set things off for the Drew League and it made other guys want to be a part of it too. After that, you had Kobe and LeBron play. That really gave the league that buzz. We’re talking about All-Star players – MVP-level players – coming to the Drew! And this was before we were in the new gym. These guys were coming to play in our little gym, which only had a few rows of bleachers and then a ton of people standing baseline damn near on the court.”
“It helped my confidence and made me a better player. I had to earn my stripes. Early on, I was more of an energy guy – playing hard, getting rebounds and chasing loose balls. The older guys were established and some were pros, either playing in the NBA or overseas. It made me learn how to play the game without the ball. When you’re ‘the guy’ in high school, you get most plays called for you and you get a ton of shots. Playing with the older guys, the pros, I learned how to play the right way – moving without the ball, making the extra pass, becoming a better defender and a lot of other stuff.”