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Duane Washington Rumors

The Pacers currently have $26.4 million in cap space so they need to make some moves to generate the $30.9 million needed to sign Ayton to a maximum contract. According to Wojnarowski, the Pacers plan on doing that by waiving Duane Washington, who is non-guaranteed, and waiving-and-stretching Nik Stauskas, Juwan Morgan, and Malik Fitts. Washington’s contract is non-guaranteed, so waiving him opens up $1.6 million. Stauskas, Morgan, and Fitts, all of whom were brought over from Boston in the Malcolm Brogdon trade, had their guarantees increased to all but $86,988 of their full salary amounts. By stretching their cap hits over the next three seasons, the Pacers will have $31.9 million in cap space.
Keith Smith: Just as a note: If the Suns choose to match the Pacers offer sheet for Deandre Ayton, the Pacers can’t then reverse the waivers of the players they let go. If you renounce free agents, you can reverse those renouncements if an offer sheet is matched. You can’t reverse waivers.