Dwane Casey Rumors

I’m surprised to learn that you needed to be sold on Casey. Given his background, why is that? Tom Gores: “As much as he brings in experience, we really wanted to make sure that he really liked this team. He knew our players, he liked the team. He really dove in over different parts so I feel like we were very fortunate, but we didn’t say ‘Dwane Casey, coach of the year, let’s just hire him.’ We really vetted it out and I think he did his homework, too. He could have taken any job he wanted next year and he could have easily waited a year, but he thought this was special.”
The most important trait displayed in the interview? He was inspiring — instantly showing how he will earn the respect of the players. “He commanded the room,” Stefanski said. “What you want is a presence with the players. The other applicants did a good job, but ‘Case,’ having won on the level he’s won, was very, very important to us and the team we have right now.”
Nurse is finalizing contract terms with Toronto, but met with president Masai Ujiri and general manager Bobby Webster on Tuesday morning to accept the job, sources said. Nurse, 50, replaces Dwane Casey, whom he worked under for the past five seasons. Nurse has six seasons of head-coaching experience in the NBA G League, where he won two championships and a coach of the year award.
1 week ago via ESPN