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Dyson Daniels Rumors

Dyson Daniels, the intriguing 6-foot-8 Australian prospect from the G-League Ignite, considers himself more a point guard but also views himself more a defensive player. Which is why the Knicks seem extremely interested, interviewing the 19-year-old Daniels on Wednesday at the league’s combine. The Knicks need a point guard after the Kemba Walker/Derrick Rose failure. And they need more of a defensive presence. “It’s always been my strength, playing 1 through 4 on defense,’’ Daniels said Thursday. “A lot of teams now have two, three defenders on the floor at all times — looking at Boston in the playoffs and Miami as well. But I’m a two-way player, able to play on both sides of the ball.’’
Well, Doncic might be a stretch, but there is intrigue. Still, Daniels figures he could be there at 11 when the Knicks select. “I’m a big point guard at 6-7,’’ Daniels said. “It’s not hard to see over smaller defenders. If I get a smaller defender on me, I’m able to go down to the post and play down there. I’ve always been a point guard growing up. I had a growth spurt the last two years. I had the skills of a point guard. With the height, it’s an advantage in the NBA.’’
Which countries have become relevant in the past five years? Chris Ebersole: It’s really hard to narrow it to certain countries because there’s obviously the countries that have sort of a history and tradition like Australia, for example, where we now have a lineage of young guards with Giddey in Oklahoma City, but also Daniels in the G League Ignite and a young player named Tyrese Proctor, who’s basically a senior in our program in Australia and now who’s has the opportunity whether he goes pro or whether he goes to college at a very high level following the footsteps of those players. At the same time, we have for example a young player, we call him DMX; his name is Derrick Michael Xzavierro from Indonesia, and he’s excelling with our NBA Global Academy in Australia, and he’s going to be a big-time player. Indonesia is not a market known for basketball talent at this point but in the future, there could be a ton of potential there, maybe young players looking up to DMX.