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Earl Lloyd Rumors

Basketball, by contrast, is a team game in which any of the five players can demonstrate their abilities at any time — if permitted and encouraged to do so. Apparently, in the NBA of the 1950s, the Black pioneers might be asked to rebound, pass and play defense. But shooting the ball and scoring was for their white teammates.   “The NBA wasn’t going to go from no African-Americans to turning over the keys and letting one of them be the star of his franchise,” Cooper III said. “It didn’t happen in corporate America and it wasn’t going to happen in the NBA back in 1950.   “If you were the third or fourth guy in line to touch the ball, it probably was going up before it got to you.”
Jump ahead 72 years from that historic, barrier-bending season, and the NBA is about 75% Black, with more than 100 players from around the globe. On its courts, the league presents the closest to a real meritocracy as society offers. “I think my father would have a great big smile on his face,” Kevin Lloyd said. “So would Cooper and Sweetwater. They’re a part of something. For the kinds of salaries the players have today, the kind of lifestyles they have, it’s because of them.”   Said Jataun Robinson, Clifton’s daughter: “He watched all the games up until his death. He said he liked the fact that they could do more, score more points, all the kind of things they had not been allowed to do.”
Alexandria placed a matching statue of Lloyd inside the Charles Houston Recreation Center. The statue is part of a bigger Alexandria African American Hall of Fame that includes doctors, lawyers and judges. “Hopefully it can inspire future generations to become what Earl Lloyd was and give them some hope and understanding of the significant Black history of Alexandria,” said Julian “Butch” Haley, the chair of Alexandria’s African American Hall of Fame.
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